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What I cooked today - Dosa and Chutney

Aug. 8th, 2008 | 01:16 pm

Chutney - 

I cup pudina leaves'
4medium sized green chillies (or less according to taste)

Fry these in a bit of oil until leaves start turning brown.

Add to this 

1/2 cup grated cocunut
Salt according to taste

Grind to desired consistency

Take some mustard seeds, curry leaves,fry in oil and add to the ground mixture.

Chutney is done!

Dosa - 

Take MTR Dosa mix and follow instructions :P 


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Jean Paul Sartre - 'The Age of Reason'

Apr. 9th, 2007 | 10:46 am

Book - The Age of Reason
Author - Jean Paul Sartre
Recommended by - Satya
Subject - Cannot classify

Excerpts - 

Pg 19 - 'It was intolerable to be judged and hated, away back in that room and in silence. Without the power to defend hinself, or even to hide his belly  with his hands. If only, in the same second he had been able to exist for others with the same intensity...'

Pg 42 - 'Friendship doesnt exist to criticise', Brunet used to say: 'Its function is to inspire confidence'

Pg 52 - 'I never knew I was young, nor did Brunet, nor did Daniel. We were only aware of it afterwards'

Pg 53 - 'But she was out of reach with her frail figure and her fine, firm throat. She looked painted and varnished, like a Tahitian woman on a canvas by Gaugin'

Pg 56 'She regarded compliments with disgust, they made her feel as though a rather blatantly alluring image of herself were being hacked out with a hatchet and she was afraid of being deluded by it' 

Pg 58 - 'to be that distracted consciousness so pervaded by its own odour.... To be Ivich and not cease to be himself'

Pg 59 - 'If I could be granted a wish, it would be that you should be compelled to think aloud' 

Pg 76 - 'Those petty bourgeois who wrote a short story, or five or six poems, every year to inject a little idealism into their lives. For health reasons. Mathieu shuddered'

Pg 86 - 'Its uncanny to see too clearly' thought Daniel. It was thus that he imagined hell, a vision that penetrated everything and saw to the very end of the world - the depths of a mans self.

Pg 90 - Daniel heard himself say in mournful tones : 'When a man hasn't the courage to kill himself wholesale, he must do so in retail. He would walk down to the water and say 'Farewell to what I love most in the world'

Pg 96 - 'Well but.... thats just it' said Daniel in the same light tone, 'It must be very entertaining to do the exact opposite of what one wants to do, onee feels oneself becoming someone else.'

Pg 115 - 'Its in your company that I find myself most easily, I have a feeling I must have left myself in store with you'

Pg 129 - 'That was the most alluring, the most romantic type, those whose lightest movement revealed an unconscious coquetry, a deep and stealthy love of self'

Pg 137 - '.... also called the Christopher Columbus Egg (as being extremely simple, but yet to be discovered'

Pg 150 - 'His solitude was so complete, beneath a lovely sky as mellow and serene as a good conscience, amid that busy throng, that he was amazed at his own existence. He must be somebody else's nightmare, and whoever it was would certainly awaken soon'

Pg 163 - 'Mathieu had the impression that he had just been allowed any indulgence he fancied like a sick man who cannot recover'

Pg 165 - 'Agreeable intensification of existence'

Pg 222 - 'They walked quietly along, it was an instance of happiness... In those moments Boris had the impression that they had merged into one identity'

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